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10 ten best value shares

beat the market
by over 11%

in 2015

FTSE 250
Spread Bet Strategy

up to


annual return: click below to download details

Proven Track Record

90 times more

FTSE 100 growth

during ShareMaestro's

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as well as the FTSE 100

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Press quote by Daily Telegraph

Press universally acclaim ShareMaestro

"What Really Profits Magazine" calls ShareMaestro an "excellent piece of software" and "a robust system for valuing shares in the short and long term".

Tom Stevenson of the Daily Telegraph says that "ShareMaestro ticks all the right boxes in my holy grail quest".

The Investors Chronicle says that ShareMaestro is "a system with a great track record of correctly valuing the FTSE 100 and its constituent shares".

Press Quote by the Investors Chronicle
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Get exceptional returns by investing in the best value shares

ShareMaestro applies unique algorithms to data from ShareScope, our preferred product partner, to produce intrinsic values for shares in the FTSE All-Share index. These values are expressed as a percentage of the market price to show whether the shares are cheap or expensive. ShareMaestro's share valuations were first published at the beginning of 2010. Over the last 6 years, ShareMaestro's 10 best-value shares at the start of each year have delivered a compound annual return of 12.6% compared with just 3.5% for the FTSE All-Share index. The addition of a simple stop-loss strategy* increased this annual return to 17.2%, outperforming the FTSE All-Share index in every single year. These returns exclude the value of reinvested dividends worth around 3.0% annually. For more details click here.

*Stop-loss strategy: shares are sold when the price has fallen 20% below the highest price achieved since purchase. This is known as a trailing stop-loss. Brokers such as Hargreaves Lansdown and Barclays Stockbrokers offer automated execution.

Clients receive a weekly spreadsheet showing the current intrinsic values of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and of individual UK shares in the FTSE All-Share Index. The spreadsheet also includes the projected returns from investing in each index or share, tailored to your own tax circumstances.

Successful index strategies

ETF strategies using ShareMaestro FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 buy and sell signals consistently outperform passive FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 ETF investment. See Investment Returns. The ShareMaestro FTSE 100 Spread Bet Strategy has delivered a compound annual return of up to 26.7% since 1984. £1000 invested in 1984 would have grown to over £2,000,000 by 11 February 2016. The ShareMaestro FTSE 250 Spread Bet Strategy has delivered a compound annual return of up to 52% since 1986. £1000 invested in 1986 would have grown to up to £305,000,000 by 1 June 2016.


The FTSE100 and individual UK shares rarely trade at fair value. Most prices are at least 10% overpriced or underpriced. ShareMaestro scientifically calculates the real intrinsic values and helps you spot great profit opportunities by indicating:-

by how much the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and individual shares are undervalued or overvalued in relation to the current market prices.

when to buy and sell.

your expected post-tax investment returns

ShareMaestro has many powerful features to help you.

Enjoy all these benefits with ShareMaestro:

» Access to a weekly interactive spreadsheet which gives valuations of the FTSE100, FTSE 250 and of shares in the FTSE All-Share index. This spreadsheet includes many unique features to optimise your UK equity investment (see below).

« A comprehensive User Manual which includes full instructions on how to make the best use of ShareMaestro plus several proven investment strategies.

» Decision support tools to help you get the best post-tax returns in comparison with other investments such as fixed-rate cash.

» Free support. If we cannot resolve your query by email, we will call you.

» Flexible subscriptions. Pay by credit/debit card, bank account or PayPal.  Large discounts for annual subscriptions. You can cancel your subscription on-line at any time. You are in control.



ShareMaestro Benefits


Investors Chronicle interview with Glenn Martin










Watch the Investors Chronicle interview with the creator of ShareMaestro.




Valuations of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and of individual shares (the examples shown are not current valuations)

Valuations show intrinsic values and the percentage of those values to current market price. The projected share/FTSE100/FTSE 250 prices and investment values, including reinvested dividends, are also shown. Shares are sorted from lowest value to highest value.

  Projected Projected CURRENT  VALUE
  End-period End-period SHARE AS % OF
  Share Investment INTRINSIC CURRENT
FTSE 250   18246.9 21004.0 18228.6 109.5
FTSE 100   3831.7 4572.4 4004.3 65.4
Capital & Counties Properties PLC Real Estate Investment & Services 22.1 27.3 22.6 9.2
Great Portland Estates PLC Real Estate Investment Trusts 102.3 132.0 109.3 22.3
ARM Holdings PLC Technology Hardware & Equipment 294.5 314.9 260.9 33.6
Derwent London PLC Real Estate Investment Trusts 873.9 1015.1 841.1 39.6
Shaftesbury PLC Real Estate Investment Trusts 244.2 300.5 249.0 44.9
Fresnillo PLC Mining 1107.7 1341.3 863.6 46.1
Tullow Oil PLC Oil & Gas Producers 787.9 845.8 597.0 47.7
UNITE Group PLC Real Estate Investment & Services 154.2 166.3 137.8 49.4

Projected annual investment returns and price targets

These returns are net of the basic rate of tax and include reinvested dividends. You can also tailor returns to your personal tax situation and to your appetite for risk (personal risk premium). ShareMaestro investment strategies use % valuations as triggers for buying or selling (95%,105% and 115%). The associated prices for reaching these trigger points are shown.

  CURRENT 95% 105% 115% % Value Growth % pa
FTSE 250 109.5 19188.0 17360.6 15850.9 4.8 20824 4.6
FTSE 100 65.4 4215.1 3831.7 3842.0 -5.7 4123 -5.9
Capital & Counties Properties PLC 9.2 23.8 21.5 19.6 -35.5 26 -36.1
Great Portland Estates PLC 22.3 115.1 104.1 95.1 -23.1 128 -23.6
ARM Holdings PLC 33.6 274.6 248.5 226.9 -16.5 297 -17.4
Derwent London PLC 39.6 885.4 801.0 731.4 -13.7 965 -14.6
Shaftesbury PLC 44.9 262.1 237.1 216.5 -11.5 288 -12.3
Fresnillo PLC 46.1 909.0 822.5 750.9 -6.4 1282 -7.3
Tullow Oil PLC 47.7 628.4 568.6 519.2 -7.5 799 -8.6

Customise the valuations

Valuations are calculated from a mixture of factual data and assessed values. The three assessed values are calculated by ShareMaestro's exclusively researched algorithms from factual data and from informed projections such as consensus broker forecasts. If you wish, you can easily override one or more of these assessed values with your own values. These changes will immediately generate new intrinsic valuations.

  INPUT DATA      
  Factual data Factual data Assessed data Assessed data Assessed data
  Current share  Current net  Unadjusted end- Risk  Real Dividend
COMPANY NAME price dividend % yield period div yield % Premium % Growth Rate % p.a.
Diageo PLC 1807.5 2.41 3.56 15 3.54
PayPoint PLC 849 3.12 5.53 15 6.33
Whitbread PLC 2473 2.07 3.21 16 5.19
Drax Group PLC 550 5.05 4.14 15 -8.99
Hays PLC 81.55 3.07 4.05 48.5 6.31
Severn Trent PLC 1610 4.39 6.71 15 2.64
Filtrona PLC 545.5 1.92 3.40 15 8.13
Synergy Health PLC 1052 1.71 2.51 15 4.86
Xaar PLC 284.5 1.05 1.49 15 4.95
Petrofac Ltd 1635 2.08 2.63 33 4.74
Anglo American PLC 1877.5 2.45 2.44 55.5 2.99
Rolls-Royce Group PLC 882 1.98 2.97 20 6.18

See the impact on valuations of changes to the economic outlook

The valuations are based on a 5-year investment period. They incorporate the current 5-year gilt rate and the Bank of England's published market forecasts for inflation for that period. But the economic outlook may change. You can easily test the likely impact on valuations of potential changes by inputting figures for alternative scenarios e.g. an increase to inflation and interest rates.

1. COMMON INPUT DATA See User Manual for data definitions
Valuation Date 21112012
FTSE100 Dividend Yield % 3.69
Average inflation for period 2.39
End-period inflation rate 2.68
Redemption Yield 5-year Gilts % 0.97
Personal Capital Gains Tax Rate % 18.00
Personal Income Tax Rate on Divs % 0.00
Personal Risk Premium % 5.00

* Levels Plus upwards.

You can try a free demo version of ShareMaestro: