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Download ShareMaestro

Weekly FTSE All-Share Valuation Spreadsheet

We email the updated ShareMaestro Valuation Spreadsheet direct to our clients. If you wish to trial the spreadsheet before subscribing, click on the Try ShareMaestro Free link on this page. Please note that the data in the trial version is not current but you will be able to test all the features provided by ShareMaestro.

If you do not have or do not wish to purchase (for around £60) Excel Version 2003 or later, you can view and print the spreadsheet by installing Excel Viewer free from

Purchasing Excel Version 2003 or later will enable you to edit and customise the valuations as well as to use Excel functions such as Edit/Find to find a particular share quickly.

ShareMaestro Software (legacy clients only)

The weekly ShareMaestro spreadsheet provides all the features (and more) previously provided by the ShareMaestro software. It is also easier to use. We therefore do not provide the software to new clients.

For the purposes of re-instsalling the ShareMaestro software, legacy clients can download and instal ShareMaestro using the instructions below. When you have successfully installed the ShareMaestro software, you will need to enter licence details in order to use the system. If you have forgotten these, contact .

System Requirements for the software

The system requirements for operating ShareMaestro are:

  1. PC connected to the Internet
  2. Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows for Mac.
  3. At least 25 megabytes of hard drive space
  4. Adobe Acrobat reader (available free from the Adobe website at to read the User Manual
  5. Excel 2003 onwards (but not MS Office Starter) to use the automated bulk share valuation feature and to produce Excel reports for share valuations.

Download and install ShareMaestro Software

By downloading and installing ShareMaestro you accept the ShareMaestro Terms & Conditions.

Double-click here to download the ShareMaestro software (

  1. Choose to Save the file to the desktop rather than to Open it.
  2. When the download is complete, locate the file on the desk top or choose to open the desktop folder.
  3. Double-click on the ShareMaestroSetup.msi icon or the setup.exe icon to launch the Windows installer package. Follow the on-screen instructions. Select "Allow" if you get a message that an unidentified program wants access to your computer.
  4. If you have any installation problems please contact
  5. Select ShareMaestro from the All Programs list and click on the extension tab which includes the ShareMaestro logo.
  6. On first use of the program you will be presented with the ShareMaestro licensing screen. You must be connected to the internet to license ShareMaestro.
  7. Enter in the boxes your User ID and password. Press Enter, or tab down after entering the password. You will see a message confirming your licence and will then be taken the Terms and Conditions screen.
  8. You will not need to enter your User ID and password on subsequent use of ShareMaestro.
  9. You need to check the box to accept the ShareMaestro Terms and Conditions on each use of ShareMaestro.
  10. The next steps on using ShareMaestro are covered in the Getting Started section of the
    User Manual. You should read the full User Manual before using ShareMaestro. You can download this manual by double-clicking on the following link: Download User Manual.

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