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Superior returns from managing your own funds

ShareMaestro is the ideal tool for managing your own funds. Using ShareMaestro FTSE 250 valuations to switch between FTSE 250 spread bets and cash in the FTSE 250 spread trading strategy, you could have achieved a significantly higher annual return (up to 55.1 %) than the best-performing commercial managed UK Equity fund in the last decade.

If you had a lower risk appetite and had used the ShareMaestro strategy to switch between FTSE 250 ETF investment and cash, you would have achieved a compound annual return of 14.3% over the last decade - significantly more than the best FTSE 250 Tracker.

Compound annual 10-year returns UK Equity Funds*
ShareMaestro FTSE 250 Spread Trading Strategy (to 8 December 2016) ** 55.1 %
Investec UK Smaller Companies (best-performing UK Equity fund) to 08/01/16 14.7%
ShareMaestro FTSE 250 ETF Strategy (to 08/01/16)
14.3 %
Best FTSE 250 Tracker (HSBC) to 08/01/16  8.9%

** The return quoted is for a gearing of 6 and a stop-loss of 95%.

* Details of the UK Equity Funds performance table:

1. Morningstar is the source for the commercially managed fund performance figures. These returns are post fund management fees, on a bid-to-bid, net income reinvested basis.
2. The ShareMaestro ETF Strategy performance figures include dealing costs and buy/sell spreads and a low-cost administration fee of 0.4% p.a. for the time when the fund is invested in ETFs.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. ShareMaestro valuations do not constitute investment advice from ShareMaestro Limited.

Manage a portfolio of shares

ShareMaestro is a great system for managing your own portfolio of shares. The Investment Strategies section of this site, together with the ShareMaestro User Manual, describe a systematic, risk-controlled approach which could help you beat the market. The new ShareMaestro's automated bulk share valuation feature will help you select the best individual shares from the FTSE All-Share Index for investment.

The successful track record of ShareMaestro on Share Selections shows how the ShareMaestro bulk share valuation feature can give you a genuine edge, not just in picking the right shares to buy but also in picking the right time to sell.

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