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ShareMaestro Features

"ShareMaestro ticks all the right boxes in my holy grail quest"
Tom Stevenson, The Daily Telegraph

ShareMaestro has many unique features which no other investment software provides:

Intrinsic valuations of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and of individual UK shares ShareMaestro uses an exclusive proprietary system for share valuation. The system uses fundamental valuation principles. It follows years of research on how the various market and economic forces interact. Few shares trade at fair value. Typically around 80% of shares are at least 10% overpriced or underpriced. ShareMaestro helps you to sort the wheat from the chaff and to pinpoint great profit opportunities. ShareMaestro produces a current intrinsic share value and expresses this as a % of the current market price. The greater the gap between the % valuation and 100% (fair value), the stronger is the buy or sell signal.

Shares ranked by value Clients have access to a weekly valuation spreadsheet which ranks shares from best to worst value. This spreadsheet also includes many more items of vital information.

Modify the valuations with your own assumptions The valuations are generated from a mixture of factual data and projected data (e.g. the real dividend growth rate). You can easily modify these valuations by inputting your own assumptions for the projected data.

Buy and sell signals The valuation percentages to market price complement the buy and sell signals used in the ShareMaestro strategies, which have a proven track record of outperforming the market. For example the FTSE 100 buy and sell signals have since 1984 generated 90 times the capital growth for the in-market periods than the out-market periods. The valuations also show the market prices required for reaching key buy and sell trigger points (95%,105%,115%).

Annual Returns The overall aim of investors is to maximise returns. ShareMaestro gives the projected annual returns for 5-year investments in the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and for each share. There is also a facility to generate post-tax returns applicable to your own tax situation (including both income tax and capital gains tax). You can use this information as an investment decision tool by comparing these returns to the available post-tax returns on alternative investments (e.g. fixed rate cash).

Personalised risk premium The risk premium is the extra return (or margin of safety) which investors require from equity investment for the extra investment risk over investing in virtually risk-free investments such as UK governments bonds (gilts) held to redemption. The risk appetite of individual investors varies and so ShareMaestro also lets input your own personal risk premium to calculate the projected return on the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 or individual share.

Individual valuations You can use the ShareMaestro software to produce individual valuations of the FTSE 100 and individual shares without using the spreadsheet.

Impact of the economic environment Share prices and valuations are heavily influenced by the current and prospective economic environment. However standard share valuation models take no account of this. ShareMaestro does. Valuations and the associated returns incorporate current 5-year gilt rates and the Bank of England published figures for inflation over the 5-year period. Furthermore ShareMaestro uniquely lets you test the impact on valuations and returns of possible changes to the economic outlook. Just key in the possible changes you wish to test, e.g. gilt rates increasing by 2%, and ShareMaestro automatically calculates the revised valuations and returns.

Incorporation of ShareScope data Through our partnership with ShareScope, the valuations incorporate specific share data provided by ShareScope. Specially commissioned ShareScript enables ShareScope clients (levels Plus upwards) to use the ShareMaestro software to produce valuations for their chosen portfolios (e.g. all shares in a sector).

Free support and User Manual If we cannot resolve your query by email, we will call you at our expense to resolve it (UK landlines only). The comprehensive free User Manual should answer most of your queries and help you get the best out of ShareMaestro.

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