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ShareMaestro FTSE 100 Spread Bet Strategy

Outstanding long-term growth

This outstandingly successful strategy has delivered a compound annual return of up to 26.7% since 1984. By clicking the link below, you can access a powerful simulator which automatically calculates the return which you could have achieved over any period, according to your appetite for short-term risk. At the highest level of short-term risk, £1000 invested in 1984 would have grown to over £2,000,000 by 11 February 2016. Furthermore all the capital growth would be free of capital gains tax, under current UK tax rules.

This strategy powerfully combines the accuracy of ShareMaestro FTSE100 valuations with the gearing of FTSE100 spread bets. To put it in a nutshell, you only buy a FTSE100 spread bet contract when it is probable that the price will increase. This increase is magnified by the gearing of the spread bet contract. At times when the ShareMaestro FTSE100 valuation shows the FTSE100 price to be poor value, you keep all your money in interest-earning cash.

To download full details of the strategy click here.

To download the unique simulator, click here.

To use the the simulator, you need Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. To view the results for the highest return, you can use the free Excel viewer, available from the Microsoft website.

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