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Try ShareMaestro free

You can try all the features of ShareMaestro free by downloading the demo version.

Click here to download the demo version.

You can view and edit the spreadsheet if you have Excel version 2003 or later (available for around £60). If you do not have Excel you can download Excel Viewer free to view the spreadsheet. The trial version shows all the share valuations for 2nd January 2015, so you can, for example, view the details of the 10 best-value shares which outperformed the market by, on average, 11% over 2015. Valuations are not produced for shares which have not paid a dividend over the last year or for which there is missing data. You can easily navigate the spreadsheet by using the right-hand and bottom scroll buttons. If you wish to see more shares in the window, select Window/Unfreeze panes and scroll down. The current live version of ShareMaestro also includes a valuations for the FTSE 250 as well as the FTSE 100 for use with our index strategies. There is also a manual valuation facility if you wish to value shares manually using the ShareMaestro algorithms.

The ShareMaestro User Manual, which you can also download free, explains how to use ShareMaestro. The manual also includes several strategies which use ShareMaestro valuations for making profitable investment in individual shares and in the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250. You will need Adobe Reader to view or print the Manual. You can also download this free from  if you do not already have it.

If you like what you see in the trial, subscribe to ShareMaestro to get updated ShareMaestro valuation spreadsheets emailed directly to you every week.

By downloading or using ShareMaestro valuation spreadsheets you are accepting the ShareMeastro Terms and Conditions which you can view at .